I need some assistance.

If you need some financial help to float you through this crisis and you live in Illinois, we want to pair you with somebody who can help out.

After filling out this form you'll be matched with a giver who has offered to help out. If we can find a match, they’ll send money directly to your Venmo as a gift (not a loan).

Please only ask for what you need. Don't be a jerk and abuse the goodwill of other humans. If you aren't living in Illinois, check to see if there are other available resources to help locally.

I need assistance

I want to help.

Send cash directly to somebody in your community who needs some help. You can select how much you're able to give and you'll be paired with people in your county (or in the state of Illinois).

After filling out this form, you'll be sent an email with a person's payment info. You'll then be responsible to Venmo the person with whom you've been matched.

Don't be a jerk by offering to help and not giving. This whole thing relies on people being willing to help each other out.

I want to help